The International working group has been created in 2018, Mars.


- Scientific and technical monitoring of water management in Megacities,
- Megacities’ International network in the water field.

Working issues:

- Implementation of the Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate,
- Organization of an International conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change in 2020.
- Comparative analysis of common issues on water management in Megacities.

This group is co-chaired by:

- Graciela Schneier (CNRS/Member of the Board of Directors of ARCEAU-IdF)
- Régis Thépot (Vice-President of ARCEAU-IdF)
- Jean-Claude Deutsch (former President of ARCEAU-IdF)
- François Prévot (Researcher - Université de Paris - IPGP/Treasurer of ARCEAU-IdF)